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How to get to the corner office

The old saying that nice girls (or boys) can't get the corner office may well have some truth in it. We all know people that seem to have less ability than us get promoted ahead of us and we wonder why and how?

The workplace can be broadly divided into two groups - self promoters and non-promoters. Those that get promoted are usually better self-promoters. So if you dislike self-promotion but want to get noticed, you might need to consider adopting a new approach without changing who you are.

Here are some tips to get you started...

  • Become more visible to senior management. If you've been ducking out of those boring meetings, then get back in and attend meetings that key people will attend. Make it a goal to come up with at least one idea per meeting and try to surprise people.

  • Network internally and make it your business to know others in different departments. Find an excuse to talk to people and get to know their problems. You'll be surprised at how easy it is to help others and so get yourself more noticed.

  • Let your Manager know that you are keen to take on more responsibility. Keep at it, don't give up easily. You'll be surprised how many Managers are unaware of how ambitious members of their team are.

  • Be smart, not everyone including your Manager may be willing to see you move on up. Smart means also making your boss look good. This can be a win-win as both of you get what you want. Take full credit when it's due but reflect some of it to your boss.

  • Remember that businesses rarely want to lose good people, and they may promote or create a role for you rather than let you go. Think of a role you could create and offer to do it for free. Offer to do it for a trial period which is a great Trojan horse technique.

  • Gaining valuable experience is worth more at times in your career than a pay rise. Offer to take on more work and more responsibility. It'll look great on your CV and make you more valuable to the business, esp in today's climate.

  • If all else fails, it's time to move on. Every job has a shelf life so don't leave it too late to find a new challenge.

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