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Coping with change

A slower world market and uncertainty over Brexit has for most publishers had an effect on the number of new job opportunities coming in. And for most of us, it can add to the pressure as publishers continue to trim their staffing costs and adjust their business models to cope with a changing trading climate.

Some experts advise employees to keep their head down and profile up as the best way to stay in the game.

We take a different approach. Surely, we don't just want to survive, but actually thrive.

Here are a few tips to consider to give yourself an advantage:

Take a keener interest in how the Company is doing across all departments.


Think more like the Company MD or CEO. Do you have ideas that could bring in extra revenue?

What do you see as obvious ways that the Company can save money and costs? Look around you.


Don't keep discoveries to yourself, share them, but confidently take credit for them!

If morale is not as high as it could be, ask how can you personally do something to help improve the atmosphere around the workplace. Every little bit counts.

Consider coming in a little earlier each day to sharpen your productivity. These things tend to get noticed.

As Recruiters we know that employers hire the person with a great attitude.


They also won't want to let the person with a great attitude go.


Take stock of your general attitude, are you becoming negative or are you giving out positive vibes?

Ask yourself how you can help your customers further increase their sales or save costs.


Can you share best practice elsewhere that your customer can use today?

Start to network more. Perhaps meet your counterpart at another Company or an ex colleague and share ideas that don't conflict.

Dust off your CV and update it with your recent achievements so you can be ready to take advantage of new opportunities when they come up.


This can also help you see what you bring to the Company and can increase your feelings of self-worth.