How to create a great cv

We know that getting the interview is often the hardest part of the job search. After all, if you're not interviewed then how can the book publisher and future employer really know how good you are? Your CV is the first starting point. Here are a few key steps to remember when creating the perfect CV (although as you will see there is no such thing as the perfect CV!)

  • Your cv is simply a tool to get you the interview, so avoid overselling.
  • There are no rules as to how long your cv should be despite what some experts say.
  • One page is too long if it bores the interviewer; three pages is ok if it contains really relevant information to the reader.
  • Your cv should show you the candidate as a problem solver.
  • Your cv should mainly list your achievements blended with your skills.
  • Your cv should tease the interviewer to want to meet you in person.
  • A well crafted cv says you are serious about your career development.
  • Recruiters & interviewers often screen out candidates with poor cv's.

The above is only a sample of the key steps. The best investment you can make is to spend time getting your CV sharp and up to date

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