Don't put your Career on hold in a slow market

In a recession, don't put your career on hold. There are still many ways to progress, even in the short term.

To really progress in your chosen career in book publishing, you'll still need to work ON your job and not just work hard IN your job, even in a downturn.

Just working hard will take you so far. But to get you noticed and add value to your organisation, you'll need to also continually upgrade your thinking.

But as we all know, that's easier said then done especially in a changing world and with todays economic climate.

We encourage our candidates to continually adapt to change rather than fight it and keep on adapting throughout your career. We have found from our experience that embracing personal development helps encourage candidates to be much better prepared in advance to take up and make the best of career opportunities as they come up.

Our industry needs motivated, well matched and prepared candidates which makes their recruitment selection process easier. Candidates benefit as you also make the best of publishing job opportunities when they come up.

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